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Watching people find their own unique style is a feeling unrivalled. Lauren's studies and practice culminate in a

BFA in New Media and a BEd., Art Education. While studying, Lauren found her passion in enabling young artists exploring their creativity. She now teaches photography and digital art in a Vancouver high school, and thrives in this highly expressive lifescape. Helping young women find their voice, and annihilating gender imbalance within her classroom, Lauren is killing it on the daily. Part of the Big Kitty Crew, an all-female art collective that works from a foundation of empowering females in the urban art scene, Lauren has proudly represented the group and become the leader of the Van City Big Kitty chapter in 2020, stepped up in the collective, and become Vancouver's editor of the newly created Big Kitty Magazine. Experimental exploration is what excites her most, finding new ways to play with different mediums - tactile, visual, aural, and finding something weird around every corner. The future is bright, soon to be expanding her knowledge through completing higher education, Lauren is continually challenging herself to level up.



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