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Palette Installation

Slab building from clay has been an inspiring medium for me, as I can find myself working away for hours and hours refining tiny details. I made this palette from clay and glazed the top with a natural speckled finish. I wanted to turn this palette into an installation, and considered the hurried artist in my ideation. Artists often have materials that require patience and time to dry, cure and set. I wanted to play on this aspect of art making by filling the palette with acrylic paint, then hanging it up, allowing the paint to drip and mix in its natural state. There's something ethereal about the mixing of paint while it drips, and the beautiful outcome of this gravity induced painting. Carefully executed, this painting appears to drip on to my carpet, pooling in a unique emalgamaeiton of colours.  

date. 2020

city. Vancouver

size. Ceramics/Acrylic Paint 

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